Haute-Couture Know-How


Silvène Hédon own a french Haute-Couture know-how. The prestigious Parisian fashion school “Ecole de la Hambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne”, was the perfect place for Silvène to focus on the design of patterns and draping on mannequins. Moving to Germany, she specialized in the art of pattern making at the Academy of Fashion and Design of Hamburg. She sharpened her eye and french haute couture know-how in several tailoring workshops in Paris and Berlin.

Création Commentaire Afficher dans sa taille réelle 675×900. atelier-silvene-hedon-robe-de-mariee-sur-mesure-costume-nantes

Having always worked in made-to-order design houses, Silvène’s trained eye targets the silhouette of her customers, seeing what will make them look their best. After discussing your tastes and wishes, she draws sketches of your future outfits, and then makes a pattern especially created to your measurements. Each creation goes through the nettle fabric prototype process: a first fitting to confirm the lines and volumes agreed upon during the first interview and to ensure a perfect fit. Then comes the long-awaited fitting in the selected materials, when you can finally see yourself in the dress or suit of the big day. You can then choose together the accessories that perfectly complete the outfit.

La créatrice Silvène Hédon en train de coudre un costume Bespoke dans son atelier à Nantes

Each stage of draping, pattern-making, cutting, assembling, fitting, and retouching are carried out by the same person and made to order in Silvène Hédon’s studio. Everything is handmade and each of her outfits are unique pieces. Refinement, patience and creativity are the keywords to describe her artisanal know-how, giving birth to outfits as modern as individual.

Draping the fabric

Silvene has a wide range of fabric samples on hand, so that you can choose your own material. This helps create the unique look of your outfit. Satin, crepe, chiffon, organza, tulle, lace or guipure, for ladies; all kinds of wool, flannels, tweed, gabardine for gentlemen; everything is available to create the perfect look! Silvène will help you make your choice so that refined materials, delicate finishes and the elegant cut are in perfect harmony.

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