The tailor-made couple

Couple de mariés aux tenues assorties, habillés en sur-mesure par Silvène Hédon

With Silvène Hédon, one can now create the outfits of the bride and groom at the same time. The dress and the suit are tailor-made, according to their individual desires and to their wishes as a couple. Their styles are matched and harmonized, and the materials go well together. Small details in both outfits allow them a refined “Partner look”. What counts is to have beautiful fabrics, and a perfect fit for the occasion. Traditional know-how allows her to tell the story of each bride and groom individually and together as a pair! To learn more about the creations for couples, you can read the Concept.



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Couple sur-mesure, par Silvène Hédon
Créations sur-mesure pour le couple, par Silvène Hédon